Tuesday, March 22, 2016

                                          CULTURE JAM      

In the Introduction to Culture Jam, it expresses what most families are going through in a Tesla Automobile speed. Most individuals in their late 30’s and older, I think they like nature and a few love it. That is hard to say about the new generation of families and young adults, they are taking nature for granted and at times destroy it. The millennial generation cannot a take step into the wild without posting a picture or status in their phones, social media and bringing along ten other gadgets.
I do agree that major corporations and brand labels have done damage to our minds by influencing the society on how to shop, dress, and act. Sometimes I look at America as a shiny plastic product, people are becoming faker and they like to hide behind a shiny cover like a fresh Apple item.  If you could stand by a tree and look at a busy street of people and cars, you could slowly see a nature-culture disappearing. Now everybody is seemed to be acting like robots with ADD.

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