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Culture Jamming_ Essay_Draft for Final


Culture Jamming

The culture in every home is different and then there is culture set by what your family tree established. Culture is a beautiful piece of spiritual soul art. There is no right or wrong of a proper culture, there is no perfect culture which should follow, each culture is within what we experienced and what we believe in which made us feel appreciated within. In America, culture is rich with flavors of all various types, shapes, and sizes which stand out like a peacock to the rest of the world.
Kallen Last the founder of ADBUSTER explains that advertisements have changed the way of our individual culture has been obstructed by the radical transition to the human lifestyle. Specifically, Lasn breaks down culture jamming  in our society by putting in four different seasons  Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Although some people believe the media  and advertisements  do not interfere with their life, or a simple commercial does not make them who human really is in society. Overall, over the past years, it has slowly changed the way we think and consume.
Image result for adbusters magazine In Autumn, the generation of our culture is slowly starting to believe that we have to live like what we see on T.V. or how we should feel when we drive by what those billboard signs shouting out to us. Some foreigners wish to have an opportunity to come to America and live the “American Dream”. But maybe that is the problem, Americans are in a deep sleep dreaming. The media is poisoning with the idea how we should look and we react by wondering what social class we fit in.  We feel that we deserve whatever we want and quickly just like ordering a “Happy Meal” for McDonald’s. Then eventually, we want more with instant gratification because we watched T.V. and what it is teaching us. When society fails or goes through tough times, it creates depression because we are not mirrored to what are seeing on the tube and advertisement. Even if we do not have problems, the media’s commercials will tell us that, we do have issues and since most families spend most of their time watching it, they believe so it is true.  Sometimes postmodern families are so exhausted, they just like to escape by watching a romantic T.V. show, sports game or nature channel. Instead, families should be living exploring the outdoors, play basketball with their kids and be passionate with their love one. Overall, I feel like if you do not have something you want, a drug manufacturing company has a pill for that. If you do not believe me turn on the television, they created the disorders and the cure. Go the bus station they should have plenty of signs to tell you how you’re feeling and what to buy for dinner.
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Winter is coming to our new culture covered over with a blizzard over our once was an American dream. We Americans no longer are traditional human beings, companies have changed our family lifestyles. In Lasn’s view, “ We work and strive for the promised payoff. We try to catch the  river in a bucket. But we never will.” An important issue that I am acknowledging is the manipulation of the television sets in our households. Television is becoming more a family past time, no more hanging out with the family telling stories or reading books together. Postmodern families are changing and do not how to interact with themselves let alone in nature society. Mass media is being the big influence in our thoughts and mind. Our emotions, thoughts, family tree and our society are being bought off. The Corporate world is rewriting Americas history books by forcing the hard workers to take one for the team, all in for the chance to catch an opportunity of the American dream. It is changing the way feel about ourselves, we should always have a drive to better ourselves, but as human beings, as a better husband, a better brother, employee and not  trying to look better to satisfy what media thinks we should look like. There is nothing wrong with personal improvement, although one should not starve themselves to look like a skinny anorexic magazine model or men trying to buy everything off the lot and shelves to impress their neighbors or next love mate.
Let’s Spring forward to the revolution of subculture jams and influences. Postmodern cultures are adapted since some dreams have been crushed and some individuals look elsewhere for guidance and change.  Acknowledging the every community and part of society is changing at rapid speed. The Modern life is being depleted by shiny lights, fancy new fashion statements and it is all hype. Popular Songs are being used to drive in the consumer and being hypnotized to empty out their wallets to the products or companies.

Image result for adbusters magazineThe importance of formidable cultural communication can scarcely be overstated. Therefore, I believe with each new generation we should teach our families to speak openly about race in a respectable manner by learning other races, cultures, to understand each other. This will give us a bigger picture of how people act or react when it a racism issue occurs, then we’ll know how we can slowly start seeing interracial progress, thinking, talking and working together resolve any issue. America is multicultural nation build by immigrants. If America was a liquid it would be a strong mixed drink but after swallowing it (accepting all race), you will have a good time. America is a beautiful nation where you can enjoy music, food, conversations and lifestyles from all around the world. Although, many seem to argue and disagree with this idea.

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