Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Paragraph development#2


In a magazine advertisement, “AMERICAN CREW” entertains the human eye by promoting its product to keep men looking stylish and attractive. CREW is a professional grooming substance, a popular barber, and salon supplier that can be seen in a various magazine like Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness and GQ which those companies have also given CREW grooming awards.In addition, this ad was found in MAXIM magazine aimed at a male audience and sexual appeal, on the advertising page MAXIM slogan states ”DRIVE HER WILD” showing the consumer if they wear this product, they can drive girls crazy with their hair, rock star image, and sex drive.For instance, on the page, the main focus was on a guy leaning on his 1964 red hot convertible Mustang, while three very attractive girls in short shorts  exposing cleavage and lots of skin, they’re all over him  with each one having hands on this messy hair “Rock Star”, one hand is on his chest, one on his belt and the other girls hand is on his inner thigh, which comes to tell you; who knows what’s going to happen. In extol, Jib Fowles celebrates the fact that “To the extent that sexual imagery is used, it conventionally works better for men than women; typically a female figure is offered up to the male reader”. (FOWLES 60)  AMERICAN CREW believes its job is to give men and their hair stylists the tools they need to create stylish, masculine looks every day, nothing less.Therefore, it was a good executive choice to have CREW advertise in MAXIM magazine to where sex sells,  which males are the main viewers and buyers.The product speaks out loud tell the buyer if they want to be a real professional grooming attractive man, they better make sure they use this product.

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Fowles, Jib. Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals. Common Culture. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1998.

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