Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Culture Jam #3 reading journal pages 28-50

Book Reading Journal pages/chapters: 28--50
What do you Know, or what is important to you, about the book right now?
As time changes, families do not know how to act within themselves. Leaving old family values behind, while trying to impress our neighbors and friends that we fit in society. If families feel they’re not fitting in, they become obsess by purchasing unnecessary products to get classification of a certain social class. Example Barbie helped wives and young women to become “conspicuous consumers”.

What do you want to know? Ask a Question
Where did this change come from or who are responsible to get this started?
Prediction: make a guess/answer your question
Corporate business, Celebrities, idols, and the government I believe is a great influencer.
While reading: be sure to annotate, mark your text in the margins, recording what you were paying attention to while reading.

After reading: What did you learn?
We do not have a say so against sponsors.  We feel, we have to have that Hollywood image.
Summary/Review of what you read:

During these times when technology and media is changing the way we interact and consume, it is very difficult to fight against the producers of influence.  As most young reporters come to learn, is that the big corporates have the final say so and spend the big bucks to make sure of that. If society finds flaws with a company or product that it is heavily being pushed by advertisements and commercials, we tend to take it out on the middle man who are constantly promoting it on their publications or airways. But, nothing is going to happen, the high lead receptionist will write a note of the consumer’s complaint and as soon as they walk away, the note will be tossed in trash. Also if you are fortunate enough, advertisers could slapped you with the truth that, “the sponsor is king” (pg.35). As we become a corporate culture, we tend to lose our natural ways, from birth we start to get brainwashed by television and repetitive ads on our way to school and work. Soon we are robotic humans responding to colorful media commands by the push of corporate buttons. 
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