Tuesday, March 22, 2016

'pop' SUBCULTURE _Essay#2

 “Sneakerheads “


Sneaker collectors, known as sneakerheads, feed off exclusivity. You don't need direction or told on how what kind of  store is in front of you, is hardly distinguishable as a sneaker store. Even the sneaker boutique powerhouse Flight Club, on Broadway, has no sign at all, just rows and rows of sneakers.
Sneakers so what about them, you might ask. They are part of the school, sports, youth, popularity and some sneaker lovers would it is their lifestyle. To some, might think is there's anything special to most people but the sneaker is easiest to take sneakerhead sneakers their way of life some spend hundreds of dollars on a pair and sometimes I walked for hours you let me thinking really now.
Southland starts loving sneakers and craving to buy new sneakers since the first commercials coming out  ideas commercials by little kids wanted to be like other basketball players its show satisfaction and coolness on the commercial, some feel acceptance in the society.There's also lots of commercials about Michael Jordan who's the greatest player in basketball at in the world has the best shoe out there buys Nike called Air Jordan he is the most popular issue for the state even well after he retired from playing basketball but it still consider where the greatest basketball player ever played.
Image result for sneaker headThat was a new era of the Jordans what sneakerheads column J's get your J on but lot of people and companies started following in his footsteps now you got any, by different players like Le Bron James you got recent MVP Steph Curry shoes by Under armour, you got Adidas shoes Derek rose from the Chicago Bulls,you have skaters now Paul Rodriguez Jr he has a brand also by Nikes Nike skater shoes you have rap artist Kanye West is one called Yeezy as in “Jesus” shoes someone will go up to $1,000 sneaker enthusiast wait in line all day just to get the brand new pair since they are limited they feel popular and I feel a sense of satisfaction to being the only one in class and school on the blog or the ones of Friends group on Facebook to show off a pair of rubber and another type of material.Image result for sneaker head

It doesn't matter if there's a famous person behind the label behind Nike Adidas Reebok Under Armour Vance the clients will buy no matter what is so popular now that will manipulate their brains that they have to buy it it will warn them that is coming out on a certain day. They will even have secret emails when it come out just to make them feel part of a secret society of the best known as knowledgeable sneakerheads I have friends that are so into their Jordans and Nikes that when they see someone walking down the street they can name what type of shoes you have they say the color of the ones those are the number 2 to number 12 to number three playoffs whatever that means I just know that I like my sneakers to match my clothes I just say I like the grey ones two black ones or the white with a little bit of black that is all....some people look at it as an addiction I have no problem collecting to me0 Snickers. Some people can collect two pairs at  a time one to wear and one to keep as a collection. Some also like to show me off and don't even where I'm at all maybe just wear it around the house on the road but never touch asphalt.

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