Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Reading Journal 4

Reading Journal 4     

                                              “Thou shalt be judged”

Unfortunately, we are judges of our society, until we actually know the person, that is when we find out who they really are (subculture fanatic), just because you are a punk rock or rap fan does not really one is associated when it comes to drug use, bad habits, killings, robbery and act like a devil worshipper or a gangster in society. Some people enjoy the music, they can relate to the lyrics, enjoy the catchy explicit chorus and rhymes. I enjoy listening to old “Hip-Hop” and “Rap” music from the 80’s and 90’s, although I do agree there is plenty of violent words in mostly every Rap song, but I could relate to the stories they tell, I saw and heard the same stories throughout out my family experiences and neighborhood. Being slightly part of that subculture, I catch people judging by what I listen to or what I use to wear. About 15 years ago I was in my car at a red light with my windows jamming out to a rap song, I was so excited because it paid day and I had exciting weekend of ahead of me, so I was explicitly signing along with the song and expressing myself with my body movement when I turned my head I noticed an elder couple looking at me in distress and even scared for their lives it seemed. If you could see their faces of judgment, at the moment I never felt so judge before, I was planning to kill or rob anybody, I was using the song as some metaphors on how I can wait to go a vacation with friends and family and have a good time. But now in present time, I now feel like that elder couple, as the father of a sixteen-year-old boy he has asked me for permission to go to a “Rave”, my initial reaction was of a loud chuckling “NO”, I immediately judge him that he wants to drugs with his friends. Although that might not be the case, I know through experiences in being to a couple of raves myself in my younger days, thou I did not do drugs there, but the majority of the kids were and drinking alcohol which was what I was doing, and knowing that I would not want him to fall into that pure pressure that surrounds that environment.
I wonder why we do this, I catch myself judging people too, my family does it too, and co-workers judge other co-workers because of their race or culture. In the professional environment we know to keep our judgements to ourselves, I learned to know not to judge anyone without knowing someone personally, even thou society is trying kick this bad habit, it is still in our back of our brains , I wonder if it could be stopped or do we just accept that it is in our nature.I think it is in our nature to judge something or someone right away, maybe it’s our old hunting instinct type of way, and you’re either a hunter or the hunted.

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