Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My experience during my draft “Man Attacked Market”

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Image result for 15 advertising appealsMy experience during my draft “Man Attacked Market” essay was an interesting one.  During my reading on 15 advertising appeals, it really opens my eyes on how I view commercials and advertisement pages. I always knew there was a hook to the way sell a product, for example being cool while smoking cigarettes, wearing fancy brands to be accepted by a certain social class and the use selling sex for any product. But after reading Jib Fowles article and MURRAYS I got a better understanding of the different traits marketers use to lure in a customer or installing a catchy phrase or image in our brain. Companies will try every physiological idea to make the consumer feel the need have the material item. In the end, each approach is customized to each unique individual taste and cravings, even though some we didn’t even know we had those wants.

Image result for carl's jr sexiest commercialsNow while I am watching television with the family in the living room during commercials I pause the TV and question the family what was the commercial all about, what is it promoting? It was a BF Goodrich commercial, so the kids started yelling; tires, cars, rubber, and speed, the wife responded with its was the brand BF Goodrich duh. I started to sound like an advertising marketer with my response telling the family that “No it is about nurture”, the family reacted with a silly face doubting if I watched the same commercial as they did. I reminded them; didn’t you guys see the cars going fast, the rain in the dark, and the dad pulling over after he stepped on the brakes safely, he pulled off to the side to take a moment and hug his daughter in relief that nothing bad happen and he let her know that, she is protected by him (who bought the BF tires). Of course, the kids looked at me weird and my wife got it wowed her, she looked at it that way, we had good times discussing about commercials like this, which we remind the kids to watch out, these advertisers are getting to our brain with messing with our emotions, not just fancy pictures, and catchy phrases anymore. 

Image result for 15 advertising appeals

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