Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Reading Culture Jam pt2

In the Introduction, Kalle Lasn expresses what most families are going through in America. Big Corporations are constantly telling us what to do and think. Even though the book was published in 1999 it is still true in this time and this sad story is moving at rapid speed. The most people affected by this change is our youth and young adults trying to fit in a cool social class. I remember the saying “Be cool. Stay in school.” But now big brand companies have influence and ads that make it seem to say “You better look cool. To go to school”.  As a father of four boys this is an issue I am experiencing with my two older sons, all they want is Jordan shoes, new video games, new cell phones, etc... I will not give into purchasing that for them if they want those items they could buy it with their own money (allowance, yard work, gift cards). Unfortunately, their thoughts of what to wear and buy are inspired by their friends and schoolmates who are being trained by the mass media.
I love nature and my father used to take me to different spots when I was young. Now it is my turn to pass that on to my kids, this the area that I am proud of my kids, as they enjoy our family nature activities. They still get on their phones and tablets on the road, but at least, once we are out the of the car, there are no electronics. I do agree when Lasn states, “When you cut the flow of nature into people’s lives, their spirit dies. It’s simple as that.”Most individuals in their late 30’s and older, I think they like nature and a few love it. That is hard to say about the new generation of families and young adults, they are taking nature for granted and at times destroy it. The millennial generation cannot a take step into the wild without posting a picture or status in their phones, social media and bringing along ten other gadgets.
I do agree that major corporations and brand labels have done damage to our minds by influencing the society on how to shop, dress, and act. Sometimes I look at America as a shiny plastic product, people are becoming faker and they like to hide behind a shiny cover like a fresh Apple item.  If you could stand by a tree and look at a busy street of people and cars, you could slowly see a nature-culture disappearing. Now everybody is seemed to be acting like robots with ADD.


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