Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tech Culture Essay _3


Tech Culture

In deep conversations with people, we usually talk to others about our families, friends, work, and our culture. Each individual has a different meaning of the word culture in what means to them, but the majority of us could explain to one another which includes habits, food, music, social events and so on. Somehow some people are being caught off guard while technology is slipping into our culture. We could argue that our boredom in the past created an eruption of technology need to be socially accepted, which produced unreal habit to socialize that some people believe it is making us dumb and lazy, thanks to the internet. As a result, it all started with transportation.
As in celebrating a 30-year anniversary popular movie lets me take you “Back to The Future”. Socializing is part of our nature and our culture so since early times we hung out with family and friends as a pastime. You can research the idea or watch the History Channel and you will see images of cavemen and Egyptians and even in the Bible, you see and read about people socializing, having gatherings and communicating with their kids. As the population became to spread around the world our families and friends were starting to scatter around whom began needing to speak to one another or visit those other people they miss dearly, we humans needed a way to get to them. Time started to fly by hundreds and thousands of years, one can begin to think that something other than walking would be more convenient and in faster time to reach one another. Our ancestors found an animal that can do the hard labor for us, the horse became an entity of transportation history for many centuries. The horse was the fastest technology vehicle for entertainment and to get transport you to a certain location, that is until 1900 when the invention of something greater was to come. Time moved on in a natural way, in natural time, that is until the invention of the automobile which I believe and agree changed our whole world and our culture.
You hear the word automobile and you can almost instantly reference it to horsepower. The horse was the main power of transportation roaming through old dirt streets but after a gridlock of tails and horse feces in a busy city like New York then came the invention of the automobile. The automobile was a convenient luxury and upgrade of dealing with the maintenance of picking up feces and dead transportation bodies leaking out fluids and surrounded by flies. The Auto quickly became in demand,  putting the inventors and engineers to work creating faster cars as time moved on. In 1900, four thousand cars were built, the four-wheeled technology creation was on high-speed request which within a decade later 187,000 cars were manufactured.But just like cars needed gas to move on, so did American and the rest of the world, it change the way of communicating and shaped our economy.  In the essay, John Steele express that “But it is socially, perhaps that the automobile has had its greatest impact on America civilization”. In the end, we can blame the automobiles for rapid changes in our lives, but secretly thank them for the reason of allowing us to see our relatives and enjoy our cultural moment in faster times.
Fast forward to current times where the new horse now, created a red shiny Lamborghini. The auto is now the internet, which some argue that it makes our kids and the next generation stupid.
Writing in the journal What the Luddites Really Fought Against, Richard Conniff complains that “The

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