Friday, January 15, 2016

Reflection to Essay #1

During my first timed essay writing for English 1A class was a head-scratching experience. My topic for the assignment was choosing a living American artifact and I chose the “Hamburger”.  It took me a while, to come up the topic as I wanted to sound different.  Also, it was hard to find something that people can describe an American culture artifact. I stepped out of myself and imagined how other people outside of the country see us or what popular item America is known for.

I learned little more about myself after completing my timed essay and reading it afterward. My biggest dilemma I would say is starting to write, I constantly think too much and do not know where to begin. I think I took about a third of my time allowed just thinking how and what to write about. Once I started writing I felt better and ready to continue on. Although, I noticed I was going beyond topic for a moment and at one point I had to delete a paragraph, because I got controversial and critiquing. Reading over my essay, I came to notice missing words to a couple of sentences, probably the reason was for the time limit allowed. My goal is going to learn new behaviors to improve my critical thinking and writing.

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